Friday, January 25, 2013

The Undecipherable Voynich Manuscript

Are you a fan of ciphers and codes?  Are you tired of solving said puzzles?  Then the Voynich Manuscript is right down your alley.
The Voynich Manuscript is thought to be written in the late 15th century and is named after a man who had purchased it in the 1900's.  It appears to be written in a coherent language with a pattern, but the efforts of codebreakers and linguists have all failed to make heads or tails of the content.
The Voynich Manuscript greatly resembles herbal books written around the same era, but none of the plants depicted match any known plant species living or dead.  Also, there seems to be some illustrations with imagery in some sort of mystic tradition that isn't known to anyone living or in the history books.
Many theories exist as to what the manuscript is about ranging from random letters to a complex cipher that is uncrackable without access to the codex it was written with.
What else is little known is the efforts of a German linguist named Heinrich R. Franz to the deciphering of the book.  He worked alone and proclaimed to have cracked the code to the manuscript back in 1989.  However, he refused to release the key, and ended up dying in a fire in early 1990.
As he worked on the text from the time he received photocopies of the manuscript till his death in 1990 he was said to become more and more withdrawn and was thought to be suffering from early onset dementia.
He did release a few details to the public.  He said that the manuscript was a double-negative substitution cipher and that it related to plants that were native to Austrailia and New Zealand before they were wiped out.
No one is for sure what the content of the text was, and if Heinrich was telling the truth or if he was a crazy man telling lies to gain attention.  


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  2. The Manuscript Voynich

    It’s a coded manuscript forms many mysteries due to its enigmatic nature. Many code breaker and researchers tried their ways and theories to justify it. Some described it as a Spiritual Theory based on Medical Science of herbal terms, while other claimed it’s concerned to Human evolution, or Astronomical Science, or Fictional Fairy Tale, or Invasion, or magical entanglement or darker theories and so on i.e. beyond. A concrete statement is not yet reformed. Since, the Coded Language is not yet cracked out entirely or properly. Some believe it’s a futile, just an old luxurious artifacts construted just a showoff fortune. While others claimed its precious and one should have it for prosperity. Anyway, there are lot more things to know about its enigmatic nature, which always influence like a addictive element to keep trying exploring it.
    The most important thing about this ancient Manuscript is to preserve it and conserve before it get faded out. Besides Voynich there are numerous other artifacts needs to be rebuild, preserved and conserved in similar manner. Time always plays it own ways they make things decay and so faded out and perish away the precious knowledge. Its only new technological keys and Technique that can preserve this ancient creative works more properly for generations to understand and learn about it.
    I m an artist I tried in my own way to experiment, and cleaned Voynich without damaging or disturbing any of its work and complex Forms. For this I took all the precautious efforts while editing to construct Voynich in a proper book Format and not letting any damage to its original work and forms. Know since I have finished it I need it to get published. I m very certain it will be appreciable for those who are very specific about its conservation. Even experts and researcher will find it proper maintained manner as they go through this version of mine. I also guarantee it will be well marketed if sold or distributed properly throughout continents most certainly in Libraries.